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Loving People through Our Presence

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

From the eyes of our Family Ministries Director - Dallas Sims

My wife and I have been watching the series The Chosen recently. (If you haven’t seen it, I

would highly recommend you check it out. It provides a creative look at Jesus while He was on earth through the eyes of those He engaged with.) When watching a show like this, we want to be careful to keep the Bible, God’s own inspired word, as our first and foremost source for knowing Jesus. This series, though, has brought to life one dynamic of Jesus’ life on earth that I had heard much about but never quite grasped in this way.

That dynamic is the incarnation.

In the episodes we have watched so far, we have experienced Jesus making the time to show up at a dinner party of social outcasts and meeting and providing for a fisherman after a miserable night of failure at his job. This is the incarnation—God, the one who created and

daily sustains everything, revealing to regular people who He is, not from a distance, but by

being a part of their life.

What a life-changing experience this must have been, to talk with and see the God who knew you and formed you in your mother’s womb! But as we all know, Jesus returned to heaven, so did his incarnational ministry end 2000 years ago? The Bible tells us the answer is “no.” In fact, it has become even greater, something Jesus promised in John 14:12. Now each of us who has been born again into new life in Christ carries His Spirit with us wherever we go.

This is our desire and work through IFM’s Family Ministries. To be present with families who

are figuring out life in a new culture, to walk in friendship with teenagers who are navigating

life’s challenges in their second language, to celebrate important achievements and holidays

with those whose families are far away. Through our weekly Bible study meetings with youth

and adults, family retreats, special events, and personal time spent together, we desire that

each of our friends would encounter Jesus, just as Peter, Mary, Martha, and many others did

2000 years ago!

We love you, Jesus! Guide and provide for us to bring your presence to others so that they may know and love you more and more.

If you would like to partner with us or make a special gift to our ministry, please click the button below. We pray that you will consider becoming a monthly partner as you give.

Thank you for helping us reach many with the love of Christ!

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