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About IFM

Since 1997, IFM has been on mission to connect the local Christian community to the local international community; creating opportunities to share Christ with them, leading many to a personal relationship with Christ and equipping them to impact their world. 


Ron and Carole Collins, both graduated from the University of GA. Carole received her BFA, Master’s and Specialist degrees in Art. Ron received his BA at UGA and his Master’s in Church Music at Southern Seminary in KY. Ron served as Minister of Music at First Baptist Church Columbus for over 20 years before coming to IFM full-time. Carole supervised over 100 art teachers in the Jefferson County School System. Both Ron and Carole have roots in Columbus, GA and long-standing relationships with community members, business executives, elected officials and the Body of Christ. They both share a love for the large international community and have personally welcomed guests from over 90 nations into their home. IFM has a committed team of staff, volunteers and board members who provide programming and oversight.

Listen to the latest episode of the Stories of Hope Podcast by Send Relief to hear how Ron and Carole go into all the world – without ever leaving Columbus.

Each year, IFM reaches over 100 nations of the world,

right here in Columbus!


Our Board

•    Ron Collins, President
•    Carole Collins, Vice President
•    Mark Wise, Board Chair, Engineer, Pratt & Whitney
•    Dan Rogers, Pastor, River of Life 
•    Dr. Sharon Billins, Founder, Palm Tree Intl. Ministries
•    Susan Grifenhagen, Member, My Church
•    Rev. Chuck Hasty, Pastor, Grace Presbyterian
•    Paul Thomas, Pastor, Evangel Church
•    M.V. Thomas, President, Crosstel, Inc.
•    Rich Nichols, Senior Project Engineer, Pratt & Whitney

Core Values


Because God is the source of all wisdom, His Word is the guide for all our decisions.


Because God’s Kingdom is one, we seek to connect the Christian community in the Valley area in ministering to the internationals who live among us.



Because God loves all the peoples of the world, we love people from every culture, ethnic group, and nation.



Because God accepts us and wants us to be whole, we freely extend our hand of friendship to everyone.



Because God united us in the essentials, we celebrate diversity in the nonessentials.



Because God desires for all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth, we seek to share the Good News with others.



Because God cares for the poor, the needy, and the oppressed, we seek to provide practical, loving assistance to them. 



Because God cares about the total person, we care about every facet of the internationals life.

Become A Monthly Partner 

Some of our monthly supporters give $10, some give $25, $50 or more per month. We believe that you would be blessed by being a part of our monthly team, aware that many are making decisions for Christ and being discipled. Some meet and are befriended by the first Christian they have ever met! 

Every gift makes a difference! We are praying for you with grateful hearts.

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All Videos

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What makes IFM Arts Academy different?

What makes IFM Arts Academy different?

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Arts Academy expansion needs

Arts Academy expansion needs

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“IFM has been a light to Columbus and the region. Their passion and heart comes through everything they do. We’ve been blessed to support them and been encouraged watching the fruit of their ministry. May God continue expanding their impact!”


– Alex Kendrick, Film Producer

(War Room, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and more)