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International Friendship Partners 
MCCC Class
Graduation Day with Friendship Partners and officers from Jordan
Welcome Dinner
IMSO Holiday Event
Welcome Lunch

We welcome International Military Students and help connect them with local families as “Friendship Partners.” We do this by partnering with the IMSO at Ft. Moore and their Ambassador Program.  Each year we connect with over 120 students from around 50 countries who come here for training. Students get to know local Americans and experience America in an authentic, relational way. Friendship Partners are able to learn about the student’s countries and cultures. The outcome is long-term change in the lives of students and sponsors. As they share in life together, the love of Christ is experienced. Both begin to see the world in a new way and live life more fully.

Interested to learn how to become a Friendship Partner?

You may call, email or visit us!

- Beverly Collier

"These guys come here to train and learn. I pray they return home with more than just the training, but there are heart connections too that will last for years to come."


- The Plymales

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