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Around The World In 30 Days With IFM: South Korea Spotlight

Over the last 21 years of ministry, IFM has served more than 7,000 internationals from approximately 150 nations and continues to reach over 100 countries annually. God has brought the nations of the world right here to our backyard! 

This month, IFM is participating in GA Gives: a statewide giving campaign for GA based nonprofits. During this campaign, IFM will be taking you, our prayer partners and supporters, "Around The World" to shine a spotlight on a few of the countries and people we have been privileged to serve through our various ministry programs.

Today, we are featuring South Korea! 

"I came to the U.S. with my husband who was studying in a military course in Fort Benning. Thanks to Erin’s invitation, I joined the international ladies’ Bible study every Wednesday morning, and I started to talk to God again and read the Bible. In the Bible study, I met lots of beautiful friends there, especially my friend, Trecia. We became closer, and we met separately in town regularly and had so much fun together. Before we came back to Korea, my husband Aiden and I got together with her family, building our friendship with them. Ms. Carole also asked me to do a volunteer job in her art class every Wednesday afternoon, helping with Korean children in the class. I ended up doing it and joining the Arts camp that summer! I hadn’t been to an arts camp since I was little, so it was amazing to meet lots of children and help others in God’s love. I met my ESL teacher Ms. Hannah (a sister of Erin’s) and she is the best! She taught lessons not only on academic English but also colloquial language. I improved my language so much as well as enjoyed friendship with her and her family. One day, I made a small lecture about my life experience called “Explore the World!” in her church. It was a great opportunity for me." - Sylvia

Fun Facts About South Korea 

When Koreans first meet each other their very first question is: How old are you? This is because of a hierarchy system according to age. There are formal words and informal words in Korean language, and it depends on someone’s age (normally). In the U.S., it was so impressive that nobody cares about my age. An 86 year old lady can be my friend! It was awesome!

In the cities, we never sleep even at night just like Manhattan (but less dangerous?!). We can enjoy day and night 24 hours. When it comes dark, the neon signs get brighter and so do people. When I arrived in Columbus, I was quite surprised that almost nobody was on the street at night and it was a lot darker with few streetlights compared to Korea.

Koreans love eating hot foods. I mean, not just hot, but almost boiling. As soon as the hot boiling soup is served, we grab a spoon. But in the U.S., I realized that many people wait for it to be cooled. They don’t serve the boiling soup or dish in the first place. That was quite different.

Thank you for giving, serving and praying for IFM!

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