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Around The World In 30 Days With IFM: Honduras Spotlight

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Did you know that there are people from more than 150 different countries here in the Columbus, Fort Benning, and Phenix City tri-city area?

Over the last 21 years of ministry, IFM has served more than 7,000 internationals from

approximately 150 nations and continues to reach over 100 countries annually.

IFM, as a ministry, meets many of their social, educational, physical, spiritual needs. These internationals come from almost every nation of the world and are from every socio-economic level of their respective countries. Many come from parts of the world where we Americans could not easily go, so our influence on their lives during the time they are here is extremely important.

This month, IFM is participating in GA Gives: a statewide giving campaign for GA based nonprofits. During this campaign, IFM will be taking you, our prayer partners and supporters, "Around The World" to shine a spotlight on a few of the countries and people we have been privileged to serve through our various ministry programs.

Our first stop is Honduras!

Fun Facts About Honduras:

  • Honduras is the second largest country in Central America.

  • The word Honduras can be literally translated as “great depths.”

  • The leading export goods are coffee, bananas, and wood. Coconut milk is one of the local’s favorite ingredients to use in traditional dishes.

  • The Copan Mayan Ruins are considered the most important ruins for its fully intact hieroglyphs. It is a main source of how we know Mayan history today.

  • Punta is the most popular kind of music in Honduras. The music and dance originated in the late 18th century.

Ministry Spotlight: Carlos and Denia

"I am thankful to God and to the people who make it possible for IFM to reach and lend support to the international families. It has been a beautiful experience for our family to participate in the different activities they offered at IFM.

When I arrived in the USA from Honduras

I had many expectations but also was apprehensive about many things, nevertheless once my husband and I plugged into the IFM international Bible studies, we made many friends and learned a lot about spiritual matters. We have learned so much about the scriptures and have also found peace in our lives as a result.

My husband is a different person since we came here. He even wanted us to pray together after he started going to the men’s Bible study at IFM. Sometimes he even calls me from work if a difficult situation arises and wants me to pray with him—before he never wanted to do that.

ESL Classes have helped me improve my English a lot. The teachers teach us many practical things that help us in our daily life—grocery shopping, going to the doctor, talking to teachers at school. The teachers convey a sense of God’s presence to us. Sometimes if I go worried about something, I’m comforted by being in the class.

Now my whole family has started going to a church that teaches the Bible and they look forward to going every Sunday. Before in our country they didn’t like going to church. Our family started praying together at dinner. Now each of the children chooses a Bible verse and reads it and talks about it.

Many changes have happened in our family because of all the things we have learned. I am certain that God is preparing us to do great things once we go back to our country. This preparation has come because of IFM, and we hope we will get an opportunity to serve in our country, and so glorify God this way. Thank you for making us feel at home. You will always be in our hearts." - Denia

Thank you for giving, serving and praying for IFM! We look forward to sharing about Chile next week!

All gifts made during GA Gives will be DOUBLED by a generous partner, $1 for $1, up to $50,000. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated.





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