IFM is embarking on a new journey of expanded outreach and growth in our efforts to impact the lives of our international community for Christ through the purchase of our future International Friendship Center.

Many of you are strong supporters of IFM's various ministries (teaching English, hosting Bible studies, being Friendship Partners, volunteering in numerous ways and providing vital financial support). THANK YOU!

As we begin our effort to purchase the International Friendship Center, it is vitally important that we also be able to sustain such an important facility. With that being said, our board and some of our supporters, have challenged us to increase the number of monthly partners to adequately demonstrate the support of our community to our mission of befriending and discipling internationals for Christ, equipping them to share their faith when they return to their country.

If you have never been a part of our financial team (or perhaps it's been awhile since you gave or give sporadically), would you consider becoming a monthly giver?

Become A Monthly Partner! 

How does monthly giving really make a difference?

As our group of monthly partners grow, we can better anticipate how much funding we’ll receive, allowing us to maximize our resources to their fullest potential. It's very helpful in planning! No matter how big or small the amount you give monthly, the commitment to give faithfully tells us and our board that you’re committed to our mission and those we serve. This is extremely important as we move forward with our expansion effort.

We desire to secure 100 monthly partners this year. 

Some of our monthly supporters give $10, some give $25, $50 or more per month. We believe that you would be blessed by being a part of our monthly team, aware that many are making decisions for Christ and being discipled. Some meet and are befriended by the first Christian they have ever met! Several of our ladies are actively preparing themselves to return to their countries and begin Bible studies with others in their sphere of influence. Some are experiencing inner healing as the Lord frees them from years of depression and inner struggles.

Every gift makes a difference!


We are praying for you with grateful hearts.



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